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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-03Immune Competence Of Vitamins- A ,E,C And Immunomodulators Effect Of Hyres And Stresroak Against Infections Bronchitis Vaccinated ChickenSatyanarayana Chetty, M(MAJOR); Seshagiri Rao, A; Eswaraiah, A; Laxman, Y
1984-08Immunological Approach To Early Pregnenacy Diagnosis In BovinesDhanamjeya Reddy, B(MAJOR); Seshagiri Rao, A; Mohiuddin, S.M; Balarajeswara Reddy, P
2002-08Molecular Characterization Of Avian Escherichia Coli SerotypesJanankirama Sarma, B(MAJOR); Seshagiri Rao, A; Joji Reddy, K; Dharani Kumar, A
2001-06Quality Of Milk And Milk Products Marketed In Hyderabad City With Special Reference ToPublic HealthRanganadham, M(MAJOR); Rao, B.V.R; Laxminarayan, M; Seshagiri Rao, A; Satyanarayana, A; Venkateswara Rao, L
2001-09Semi And Non-Invasive Techniques For Detection Of The Stages Of Oestrous Cycle And Pregnancy In BitchesVenugopal Naidu, K(MAJOR); Seshagiri Rao, A; Sreenu, Makkena; Arunmozhi, N
1989-08Studies On Certain Biochemical Constituents Of Blood In Cycling And True Anoestrus BuffaloesSudhir chandra Reddy, V(MAJOR); Suresh Reddy, V; Seshagiri Rao, A; Narasa Reddy, G.V; Naga Raju, N
2002-08Studies On Maduramicin Toxicity In Broilers And Evaluation Of Ginseng And Beta-CaroteneSomasekhar Reddy, K(MAJOR); Gopala Reddy, A; Seshagiri Rao, A; Anjaneyulu, Y; Sivakumar, S
1989-08Studies On The Pathology Of Rabbit MortalityRama rao, P(MAJOR); Gopal Naidu, N.R; Seshagiri Rao, A; Srilatha, Ch
1998-03Studies On The Quality Of Soft Serve Ice Cream With Partial Replacement Of Milk-Solids-Not -Fat With Tropical Indian Guava Fruit Pulp (Psidium Guajava)Lakshmi Narayana, M(MAJOR); Krishnaiah, N; Seshagiri Rao, A; Reddy, J.V.L.N; Ravindra, V.V
2000-07Toxicological Studies On Pefloxacin In PupsSomasekhar Reddy, K(MAJOR); Kalakumar, B; Seshagiri Rao, A; Sridevi, V