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Authors: Behera, Rahul Dev
Advisor: Santra, G.H
Title: Comparative Performance of different types of Liming materials for Maize crop grown in Acid Soil
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Series/Report no.: Th;4223
Agrotags: -Comparative Performance, Liming materials, Maize, Acid Soil--
Abstract: A field experiment was conducted to study the “Comparative Performance of Different Types of Liming Materials for Maize crop grown in Acid soil” in the Village Bajpur in Khurda district of Odisha during Kharif 2013. The soil of the experimental site was strongly acidic (pH – 4.94) with LR- 3t CaCO 3 ha -1 ,EC-0.09 dSm -1 , OC- 5.7 g/kg. The available N, P, K, S were 169,105,143 and 17 kgha -1 respectively. The experiment was conducted in a RBD design with 10 treatments and each treatment replicated three times. The soil was ameliorated with three sources of liming materials (Paper mill sludge @ 0.1LR, Stromatolyte @ 0.1 LR & 0.2 LR and Calcium silicate @ 0.2 LR) added with soil test dose with or without FYM @ 5 tha -1 . There was one treatment as absolute control and another as soil test based dose of fertilizers. The 100 % soil test based dose for maize crop (cv. Hishell) was 15030-50-30-10-25 kg of N - P 2 O 5 - K 2 O -SO 4 - Borax- ZnSO 4 ha -1 . The soil samples were collected at 7 days interval, processed and analyzed for pH, Exchange acidities, OC, CEC, Exch. Ca 2+ and Exch. Mg 2+ etc. The initial and post harvest soil samples were also collected and analysed for physic-chemical properties of the soil. At the harvest stage the maize cob, root and plant samples were collected and analyzed for concentration, uptake and recovery of nutrients by the crop. Application of liming materials irrespective of the sources neutralized soil acidity, increased from a level of 4.94 to a level ranging from 5.11 to 5.55 and maintained for 14-35 days when lone sources were used. Combined use of liming materials with FYM increased the pH to a level ranging from 5.65-6.08, which was maintained for a period of 28-49 days after application. The acid neutralizing efficiency of liming materials followed the order: ST @ 0.2 LR >CS @ 0.2 LR > PMS @ 0.1 LR> ST @ 0.1 LR. The grain yield of Maize increased by 21.4 - 44 % when the liming materials were applied alone with fertilizers but when mixed with FYM increased to a range from 46 – 78.6 % over STD (22 q/ha).The yield performance of the lone sources of liming materials followed the order : ST@ 0.2 LR > CS @ 0.2 LR > PMS @0.1 LR > ST @ 0.1 LR. When applied with FYM the sources followed the order: ST@ 0.2 LR > PMS @0.1 LR > CS @ 0.2 LR > ST @ 0.1 LR. The recovery of N by Maize crop increased from 19 – 27 %, when liming materials are used alone, but from 26 – 36 % when used with FYM. The APR increased from 32 – 47 % when lone sources of liming materials were used, but with FYM increased from 42 – 66 %.Similarly AKR increased from 24 – 44 % with lone sources but with FYM from 42 – 55 %.The ASR increased from 10.2 – 17.4 % with lone sources, but from 18.4 – 28.7 % when applied with FYM. Irrespective of the liming materials used in maize crop production, the soil turned acidic. The OC content, available P and K status decreased, where as the available S & N status in soil increased by the harvest of the crop.
Subject: Soil Science and Agriculture Chemistry
Issue Date: 2014
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