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Authors: Jasbir Kaur
Advisor: B.K. Sawhney
Title: Design and Implementation of Human Resou Management Application for E-Governance at PAU
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Agrotags: MYSQL
Abstract: Computers are finding their way into every business, industry and research activity today. The use of computers is diverse such as entertainment, education, problem solving, research, personal management etc. In an organization, the process of maintaining the record of employees requires processing and record keeping in different departments. Keeping in view a strong need for managing and integrating the above information effectively and efficiently, Web Based HRMS has been designed and developed. Human Resource Management System is a computerized solution to the various problems faced in the existing manual system. In the system there is a registration process each for the Employee, Head of Department, Administrator and Office Staff. Anyone can use this system according to his/her privileges. This channel of information will provide better features to the employees since there valuable time will be saved. This system will help in reducing the paper work. The proposed system provides additional features, which will help in better management and also make the work of users easier. In a nutshell, the proposed system in worth implementing. The database has been designed using MYSQL and the application has been developed using PHP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML.
Research Problem: Design and Implementation of Human Resource management Application for E-Governance at PAU
Issue Date: 2011
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