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Publisher: PVNR TVU
Type: Thesis
Series/Report no.: D;476
Abstract: The objective of the present study was to evaluate the effect of dietary supplementation of alternate protein sources such as cotton seed meal and guar meal at varying levels along with quality protein maize (QPM) on performance, carcass characteristics, antioxidant enzyme activity and nutrient utilization in broiler chicken from 0 to 6 weeks of age. For this purpose, 240 day-old commercial straight run broiler chicks were procured and allotted randomly into six treatments. Each treatment have eight replicates with five chicks per replicate and raised in electrically heated battery brooders under uniform environment and standard management practices upto six weeks of age. The experimental design consisted a total of six dietary groups, which were formulated with uniform levels of energy and protein. Treatment groups were as follows T1 - control with normal maize (NM), T2 - quality protein maize (QPM), T3 - NM plus 8% cotton seed meal and 4% guar meal, T4 - NM plus 12% cotton seed meal and 6% guar meal, T5 - QPM plus 8% Cotton seed meal and 4% Guar meal, T6 - QPM plus 12% Cotton seed meal and 6% Guar meal. At the end of the experimental period (6 week), six birds from each of the dietary group were sacrified to evaluate the effect of feeding QPM with different levels of alternate protein sources on carcass parameters such as dressing yield, abdominal fat weight and breast weight. Blood samples were collected on 36th day to estimate the serum antioxidant enzyme activity. Metabolic trail was conducted during 43rd to 45th day of age by housing one bird in a metabolic cage and maintained six replicates in each treatment. Excreta were collected consequently for three days and were oven dried for the estimation of protein and energy retention. The results indicated that there was significant (P<0.05) influence on the final body weight and cumulative body weight gains between treatment groups. The dietary groups fed with QPM recorded highest cumulative body weight gains, while significantly (P<0.05) lowest body weight gains were observed in groups fed with normal maize (NM) based 18% alternate protein source combination. In the present study, broilers showed significant (P<0.05) increase in cumulative body weight gains on QPM based 18% alternate protein source diets during the study period. Feed intake of broilers on NM or QPM based diets with alternate protein sources showed no significant difference during starter, finisher as well as during overall period (0- 6 week of age). But QPM with 18% alternate protein source based diets yielded significantly (P<0.05) better FCR values during starter, finisher as well as during overall period (0-6 week of age) compared to group fed 18% alternate protein source with NM based diet. QPM based alternate protein source diets did not significantly influence the livability, dressing yield, ready to cook yield, breast yield, abdominal fat percentage, serum glutathione peroxidase and glutathione reductase activity in broilers. However, birds fed on QPM showed significantly lower (9.47%) abdominal fat percentage and improved (13%) breast meat compared to those fed NM with 18% alternate protein combination. Birds fed on QPM based diet with alternate protein sources had significantly (P<0.05) higher protein utilization compared to those groups fed diet contained NM with alternate protein sources. However, replacement of NM with QPM to diets containing alternate protein sources (GM and CSM combination at 12%, 18%) had no significant (P>0.05) effect on energy utilization. Considering overall results, it is concluded that feeding value of QPM was higher than NM in broiler chicken. Feeding QPM based diets containing alternate protein sources may yield substantial benefits in terms of performance and nutrient utilization compared to NM with alternate protein sources.
Subject: Poultry Science
These Type: M.SC
Issue Date: 2016-09-09
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