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dc.contributor.advisorDr. K., MURALI MOHAN-
dc.contributor.authorN.VAMSHI KRISHNA REDDY-
dc.description.abstractAn experiment was designed to study the efficiency of two different boar semen diluents-PRIMXcell a newly launched short term extender (IMV) and NBSE a short term extender prepared by ICAR central costal research institute, Goa, India, on the fertility of the LWY crossbreed boar diluted liquid semen at 15-18ºC with natural and synchronized estrus. Forty four non pregnant pigs (gilts or sows) were selected after screening the animals with a transabdominal ultrasound for pregnancy. Three boars ageing 1-3 years were selected and trained with a dummy sow for semen collection. Twelve animals were kept as control (group 1), rest of the animals (n=12) were observed for natural estrus and were inseminated (group 2) with NBSE (n=6) and PRIMXcell (n=6) diluted semen. The other (n=20) animals (group 3) which could not exhibit estrus within 14 days after weaning or gilts after attaining optimum body weight were subjected for estrus synchronization with 175 μg of Cloprostenol (VETMATE) intramuscularly. Semen was collected from the boars during early hours of the day and was subjected for routine laboratory examinations usually mass motility, individual motility, viability and concentration. The fresh undiluted semen with ≥75% motility, 80% normal sperm morphology and 70% sperm viability was processed for dilution and utilised for AI within 24 hours after the dilution. The estrus response rate with natural estrus was 100% and with Cloprostenol was 60% (12/20) and average time taken to exhibit estrus after hormonal treatment was 3.75 ± 0.44 days with an average estrus length of 42.00 ± 1.80 hours. However, only 25% animals were exhibited estrus behaviour with 2nd and 3rd grade estrus intensity and 35% animals showed 1st grade estrus intensity and remaining 40% animals could not exhibit estrus. Conception rate was 100% with both the diluents in natural estrus. Whereas, 33. 33% and 50%, respectively for PRIMXcell and NBSE diuted semen in synchronized estrus. The overall conception rate with PRIMXcell was 66.66 % and with NBSE was 75%. The results indicated that the overall conception rate for both the diluents were not significantly different. Conception rate with natural service and AI with natural estrus was similar but AI with synchronized estrus was significantly lower. Pregnancy diagnosis was done based on non return rates and also with ultrasonography. Accuracy of non return rate was 80% whereas, in ultrasonography it was 75% on 21st, 90% on 30th, 97% on 45th and 100% at 60th day of gestation.en_US
dc.publisherPVNR TVUen_US
dc.subjectlivestock, biological phenomena, sexual reproduction, sowing, fertilizers, artificial insemination, organic compounds, reproductive performance, animal husbandry, storageen_US
dc.subVeterinary Gynaecology and Obstetrics-
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