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Authors: Premavalli, K.
Arul, V.
Gomathy, V.S.
Omprakash, A.V.
Babu, M.
Title: Comparative Evaluation of Serum Biochemical Prole of Australorp and New Hampshire Chickens
Other Titles: IVJ_V93_I07_Jul2016_17-18
Publisher: Indian Veterinary Journal
Language: en_US
Type: Article
Agrotags: Veterinary Science
Poultry Science
Serum Biochemistry
New Hampshire Birds
Abstract: A study was conducted to evaluate the serum biochemical prole of Australorp and New Hampshire chickens. A total of 12 blood samples comprising of six from each breed was collected at 45th week of age were utilized for this study. No signicant differences were observed between different breeds in the glucose (128.50±3.51; 130.72±2.11 mg/dl), total serum cholesterol (130.08±4.86;144.22±6.32mg/dl), total protein (4.48±0.16;4.58±0.17g/dl), serum calcium (15.00±0.90; 15.08±1.14mg/dl), and serum phosphorous (5.13±0.53;5.15±0.68mg/dl), levels. It is concluded that serum biochemical prole did not differ signicantly (P > 0.05) between Australorp and New Hampshire chickens.
Issue Date: 2016-07
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