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Authors: Pardeep Kumar
Advisor: Garg, M.K.
Title: Preparation and storability of garlic powder
Publisher: CCSHAU
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Agrotags: Insecticides, Peaches, Oils, Pesticides, Fruits, Biological interaction, Diseases, Biological phenomena, Yields, Plant extracts
Abstract: The present investigation entitled “Preparation and storability of garlic powder” was carried out with the objectives to study the effect of slicing and flaking of garlic on the drying kinetics and quality. The effect of PEF (Pulsed Electric Field) treatment and the packaging material on the storability of garlic powder were also studied. The fresh garlics were analyzed for proximate analysis. Garlics were then dehydrated and analyzed for drying rate, dehydration ratio, rehydration ratio. Then dehydrated garlics were ground into fine powder and analyzed for bulk density, hunterlab (L*a*b*) values, total sugars and the organoleptic quality. It was found that fresh peeled garlics contained moisture-63.78 percent, protein-5.99 percent, ash-1.91 percent, fat-1.75 percent, crude fiber-1.13 percent and carbohydrates-25.44. Garlic slices and flakes were prepared and different treatment viz., control (without PEF treatment) and PEF (9000V) were given to the samples of garlic. After the pre-treatment, the samples (slices and flakes) were dried in a tray drier at 600C temperature. Then dehydrated garlic were ground into fine powder and packed into LDPE (low density polythene), aluminium foil laminate and glass bottle (amber colour) for storage and were analysed for total sugars, bulk density and organoleptic quality to evaluate the product quality. PEF (9000V) was done for inactivation of micro-organism and enzymes which cause spoilage in the product and increase the shelf-life of the product. PEF treatment resulted in the increase of drying rate and faster removal of the moisture. Three packaging materials were used to pack the garlic powder. There was no significant effect of packaging materials and pre-treatment on the bulk density of garlic powder. L* (lightness) value was good for PEF treated samples and for samples which were packed in aluminium foil laminate and glass bottle (amber colour). The organoleptic score for garlic powder was found good for PEF treated samples and for samples packed in aluminium foil laminate and glass bottle (amber colour).
Issue Date: 2009
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