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Authors: Priti Shivaji.Sonavane
Advisor: S.Lingaraju
Title: Plant parasitic nematodes associated with Bt Cotton (Gossiypium spp)
Publisher: UAS, Dharwad
Type: Thesis
Agrotags: Plant pathology
Abstract: A nematode random survey of the Bt cotton crop rhizospheres from the important Bt cotton growing areas of north Karnataka revealed the presence of plant parasitic nematodes like Aphelenchus sp., Hoplolaimus sp., Helicotylenchus sp., Pratylenchus sp., Rotylenchulus reniformis, Tylenchoryhnchus sp., Dorylamids - like plant pathogenic nematodes and Tylenchus - like plant pathogenic nematodes. Rotylenchulus reniformis was found to be the most predominant nematode associated with cotton as revealed by the community analysis of plant parasitic nematodes. Pathogenicity tests conducted on Bt cotton cultivar MRC-7918 showed that initial inoculum densities of 100 and above infective juveniles were pathogenic to the cultivar reducing plant growth parameters. This nematode was found to complete its life cycle in 27 to 29 days in Bt cotton cultivar MRC- 7918 under Dharwad conditions. Among 25 Bt cultivars of Gossypium sp., three cultivars showed a disease index of 1, i.e. Chiranjeevi and Tulsi-4 (BG-I) and RCH-2 (BG-II). Twenty of the cultivars showed a disease index of 2 (resistant) and two of the cultivars, MRC-7918 and Tulsi-117, of BG-II were moderately resistant to the infection caused by reniform nematode. Bt genes whether Cry 1 AC or Cry 2 AB or both in combination did not show any adverse effect on the spectrum of nematode associated with cotton. Management studies were conducted with chemicals, botanical, organic amendments and two PGPR strains belonging to Pseudomonas sp. Neem seed powder at 5 g per 100 g of seeds for seed treatment effectively increased the plant growth parameters and reduced the nematode population in soil and in root. This treatment was followed by Calotropis latex (@ 5 per cent), Carbosulphan (@ 6 per cent) and PGPR-50 (Pseudomonas sp. @ 10 per cent) seed treatment.
Subject: Plant pathology
Theme: Plant parasitic nematodes associated with Bt Cotton (Gossiypium spp)
Research Problem: Plant parasitic nematodes associated with Bt Cotton (Gossiypium spp)
Issue Date: 2010
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