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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-08-16Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis Virus.Rathnamma, D.; Shrikrishna, Isloor; Veeregowda, B.M.; Narayana Bhat, M.; Patil, S.S.; Ranganatha, S.; --, --
2015-08-21Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Virus From Sheep and Goats in KarnatakaRathnamma, D.; Shrikrishna, Isloor; Veeregowda, B.M.; Chandranaik, B.M.; Manjunatha Reddy, G.B.; Sreenivasa Babu, T.; --, U-
2009-07-17Evaluation of Adjuvant Activity of Heat Shock Protein Fused to FMD Virus Polyprotein in Development of Mucosal VaccineShrikrishna, Isloor; Suryanarayana, V.V.S.; Rathnamma, D.; Veeregowda, B.M.; Reddy, G.R.; Usharani, J.; --
2010-07-15Isolation, Characterization and Genetic Diversity of Streptococcus Species in Subclinical Bovine Mastitis.Shrikrishna, Isloor; Rathnamma, D.; Veeregowda, B.M.; Narasimhamurthy, H.N,.; Rajeshwari, Shome; Nithinprabhu, K.; --, --
2009-07-15Immunological Evalution of Escherichia Coli Biofilm Vaccine in CattleShrikrishna, Isloor; Rathnamma, D.; yathiraj, S.; Sridhar, N.B.; Byregowda, S.M.; Chandrashekhara, N.; --, --
2015-03-17Studies on Therapeutic Management of Renal Failure in DogsYathiraj, S.; Ramesh, P.T.; Upendra, H.A.; Kshama, M.A.; Suryanarayana, M.L.; Sawale, Somesh Athmaram; --, --
2013-08-16Studies on Mycoplasmosis in SheepNarayana Bhat, M.; Ramesh, P.T.; Upendra, H.A.; Rathanamma, D.; Suryanarayana, T.; Sumantha Kumar B., Kademani; --, --
2013-07-17Studies on Certain Aspects of Gastroenteritis with Special Reference to Canine Parvoviral Infection in DogsUpendra, H.A.; Anil Kumar, M.C.; Deepti, B.R.; Girish Kumar, V.; Chandrashekhar Murthy, V.; Mallikarjun, G.; --, --
2012-06-15Studies on Certain Aspects of Bacterial Respiratory Tract Infections in ChickenRamesh, P.T.; Uppendra, H. A.; Ansar Kamaran, C.; Narayana Swamy, H.D.; Chandrashekhar Murthy, V.; Malatesh, D.S.; --, --
2012-06-20Certain Studies on Subacute Ruminal Acidosis in Dairy CowsUpendra, H.A.; Ramesh, P.T.; Girish Kumar; Anil Kumar, M.C.; Ravindranath; Ahmad Nawid, Mirzad; --, --
2011-06-17Survey on Prevalence of Brucella Infection in Sheep and GoatsRamesh, P.T.; Uppendra, H. A.; Ansar Kamaran, C.; Narayanswamy, H.D.; Rathnamma, D.; Nethra, R.; --, --
2011-09-22Studies on Cryptococcosis in Ruminants, Equines and BirdsRamesh, P.T.; Ansar Kamaran, C.; Narayana Bhat, M; Narayana Swamy, M.; Ranganath, L.; Bawane, Pradip Vishwanath; --, --
2010-08-15Studies on Obesity in DogsAnsar Kamaran, C.; Yathiraj, S.; Upendra, H.A.; Sugunarao; Girishkumar, V.; Nandini, M.K.; --, --
2010-08-15Evaluation of Immune Response to Feline Panleukopenia Vaccination in Wild FelinesNarayana Bhat, M.; Yathiraj, S.; Upendra, H.; PLACID D’ SOUZA, E.; Shrikrishna, Isloor; Kshamaa, L.M.; --, --
2010-08-15Utility of Nutraceuticals in the Managenment of Cardiac and Renal DiseasesMuralidhara, A; Yathiraj, S.; Upendra, H.A.; Gideon, Glori Doss; Bhagya, B.K.; --
2010-07-17Endoscopic Evaluation of Duodenal Disorders in DogsYathiraj, S.; Uppendra, H. A.; Ansar Kamaran, C.; Satyanarayana, M.L.; Ranganath, L.; Lalhmingmuana, Sailo; --
2013-05-09Studies on the Incidence, Risk Factors and Medical Management of Canine Vaginal ProlapseKrishnaswamy, A; Murthy, V.C.; Nagaraj, B.N.; Jamuna, K.V.; Vinod Kumar, K.V.; --
2015-09-22Effect of Extenders on Keeping Quality of Ram SemenSudha, G; Krishnaswamy, A.; Honnappa, T.G.; Ramesh, P.T.; Zaheer, Abbass; --
2014-09-16Studies on Semen Production Potential of Hallikar BullsHonnappa, T.G.; Krishnaswamy, A.; Sudha, G.; Sridhar, N.B.; Prem Kumar, R.; --
2014-09-12Clinical Study on Incidence and Risk Factors for Vaginal Tumors in Dogs with Particular Reference to Vaginal LeiomyomaKrishnaswamy, A; Honnappa, T.G.; Sudha, G.; Sahadeva, A.; Narayan Swamy, H.D.; Prashanth, C.; --
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 94