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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08“Seedling growth and survival of seven multipurpose Agroforestry tree species of Garhwal Himalaya”Khanduri, Dr. V. P.; Rawat, Kanchan
2016-08Allelopathic Effect of Three Agroforestry Tree Species on Germination and Growth Pattern of Traditional Crops of Garhwal HimalayaKhanduri, Dr. V. P.; Neha
2016-08Evaluation of wheat-paddy cropping system under Poplar and Eucalyptus based Agroforestry SystemKhanduri, Dr.V.P.; Gusain, Divya
2016-07Fuel wood and Fodder Consumption Pattern in Different Villages of Tehri Garhwal Region, UttarakhandKhanduri, Dr. V. P.; Rawat, Deepika
2016-07Traditional agroforestry and livelihood support for the rural people: a case study of six villages of district Chamoli, UttarakhandKhanduri, Dr. V. P.; Rawat, Madhuri
2017-06; 2017-06Allelopathic proclivities of Ficus auriculata Lour. and Ficus semicordata Buch.-Ham. On germination and growth of agricultural crops.Khanduri, Dr. V. P.; Khanduri, Dr. V. P.; Satapathy, Saurabh Ranjan; Satapathy, Saurabh Ranjan
2016-06Plant Diversity, Standing Biomass and Socio-economic Importance of Homegardens: A Case study of Garhwal Region, UttarakhandKhanduri, Dr. V.P.; S, Sarath
2015-08Eco-physiology, Nutritive value and Allelopathic effect of two Bauhinia species on Wheat varieties in Garhwal HimalayaKhanduri, Dr. V. P.; Yadav, Neeraj
2016-06Influence on germination and growth of agriculture crops following allelopathic effect of three Quercus speciesKhanduri, Dr. V. P.; Pratap, Uday Bhanu
2016-07Diversity, Productivity and Utilization pattern of plant species under Traditional agroforestry system: a case study of Chamba block, Tehri Garhwal, UttarakhandKhanduri, Dr.V.P.; Singh, Surjeet