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Authors: Kumari Basamma
Advisor: S.T.Kajjidoni
Title: Genetic Variability in selected F2 populations of desi cotton
Publisher: UAS, Dharwad
Type: Thesis
Agrotags: Genetics and Plant Breeding
Abstract: An investigation was carried out during kharif 2005 to assess the variability generated by hybridization and to study the association pattern among the component traits of seed cotton yield. Five crosses involving seven genotypes viz., DD-8NLE, RDC-88, 9749, Blach- 1, MDL 2582, MDL 2601 and DLSA-17 were selected based on their F1 performance for components of seed cotton yield and fibre equality traits. The segregating populations thus obtained were evaluated for eight quantitative traits on 100 randomly selected plants in each cross. There was increase in mean and variance in F2 populations for majority of traits except for seed index and lint index as compared to the parents. A wide range was observed for boll number per plant, lint yield per plant, boll weight, ginning out turn and seed cotton yield per plant. The GCV, heritability and GAM estimates were higher in F2s for seed cotton yield per plant, number of bolls per plant, lint yield per plant. High heritability coupled with high genetic advances were estimated for boll number, lint yield and seed cotton yield per plant in all the segregating populations. Seed cotton yield recorded significant positive correlation with number of bolls, lint yield in all the segregating populations and with boll weight in three segregating populations indicating that more emphasis should be given for number of bolls, boll weight and lint yield for improvement in desi cotton yield through selection. Path coefficient analysis of seed cotton yield across the different populations revealed the maximum direct contribution of number of bolls per plant, boll weight and lint yield and further the same trait had maximum indirect contribution through lint yield per plant confirming these traits as important seed cotton yield attribute. More number of transgressive segregants were recorded for boll weight followed by lint index and seed index traits.
Subject: Genetics and Plant Breeding
Theme: Genetic Variability in selected F2 populations of desi cotton
Research Problem: Genetic Variability in selected F2 populations of desi cotton
Issue Date: 2007
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