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Authors: Sunil Kumar
Advisor: Dhankhar, S.K.
Title: Characterization of okra genotypes
Publisher: CCSHAU
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Agrotags: Genotypes, Fruits, Sowing, Developmental stages, Planting, Vegetables, Diseases, Crops, Environmental factors, Biological competition
Abstract: The present study entitled “Characterization of okra genotypes was carried out at the Research farm of Department of Vegetable Science, CCS HAU, Hisar during spring summer season of the year 2012 on the basis of morphological descriptors with the objective to identify key diagnostic characters of the genotypes. Observations were recorded for 37 morphological and six seed characters. Analysis of variance studies indicated significant differences among all the genotypes for all the characters under study. Highest mean fruit yield per plant was recorded for the genotype Hisar Naveen. Serration of leaf blade margin, vein colour, intensity of colour between vein, depth of lobing and petal base colour distinguished all the 20 genotypes by assigning them key diagnostic features that would certainly help the plant breeders, to use these diagnostic characters for trait specific use in breeding programme. Seed characters like Seed size, seed colour, seed shape and seed hairiness were also found key characters to differentiate the okra genotypes and will be helpful for seed agencies and in seed testing laboratories. The genotypes were also categorized on the basis of colour between veins, stem colour, number of nodes at first flowering, stem diameter (cm), plant height(cm), number of branches per plant, days to first flowering, petal colour, flower length (cm), fruit colour, fruit pubescence, shape of fruit apex, length of fruit (cm), fruit diameter (cm).
Issue Date: 2013
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