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Authors: Mahapatra, S
Srinivasan, G
Rajini, R. Asha
Kirubaharan, J. John
Gowri, A. Mangala
Title: Effect of Early Post-Hatch Nutrition on the Performance of Commercial Broiler Chicken
Other Titles: XXXI Annual Conference of Indian Poultry Science Association and National Symposium on POULTRY PRODUCTION FOR GLOBAL TRADE
Publisher: TANUVAS
Language: en_US
Type: Other
Abstract: The study was designed to evaluate the effect of early post-hatch nutrition regimens on the performance of commercial broiler chicken (Cobb 400). Different nutrient regimens include glucose and probiotic alone in hatcher tray and first day in pen, a high density and very high density diet comprising of 2S and 27 per cent dietary crude protein respectively and 3100 Kcal ME/kg diet in hatcher tray and subsequent three days in pen along with glucose and probiotic alone in hatcher tray and firt day in pen was provided.
Issue Date: 2014-12
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