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Authors: Selvarasu, K
Amutha, R
Edwin, S.C.
Natarajan, A
Mani, K
Title: Dietary Valine Supplementation on Performance of Broiler Chicken
Other Titles: XXXI Annual Conference of Indian Poultry Science Association and National Symposium on POULTRY PRODUCTION FOR GLOBAL TRADE
Publisher: TANUVAS
Language: en_US
Type: Other
Abstract: The rapid growth of broiler chicken demands high level of well balanced nutrients in the ration, especially with essential amino acids. The inclusion of different feed ingredient in broiler ration mainly depends on the nutritive value, availability and cost. However, recent studies prove that threonine and valine are also important in case of fast growing broiler. In this situation supplementation of valine in the ration would be very useful. Valine is likely the fourth limiting amino acid next to lysine, methionine and threonine in corn and soys based diet. However, the exact need for valine are not well known, and information regarding is sparse. Hence, an attempt is being made to evaluate the valine supplemented diet in broilers.
Issue Date: 2014-12
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