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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-07Unusual Case Of Chondroma in an Alexandrine Parrot and Its Surgical ManagementHarianandhan, S.; Pothiappan, P.; Sureshkumar, R.; TANUVAS
2014-07Surgical Management Of Propatagial Tendon Rupture in an American White Pelican (Pelecanus Erythrorhynchos)Ramachandran, P.; Senthilkumar, S.; TANUVAS
2014-07Therapeutic Management of Sarcoptic Mange in RabbitsDeepa; Chandrasekar, M.; Nambi, A.P.; TANUVAS
2014-07K Wiring for the Management of Tibial Fracture in an African Grey ParrotAmritha, V.; Senthilkumar, S.; Sowbharanya, C.; TANUVAS
2014-07Ethno Veterinary Management Of Acariasis in an Aseel BirdHudson, G.H.; Pandian, C.; Omprakash, A.V.; TANUVAS
2014-07Surgical Excision of Sebaceous Adenoma in a Jaguar (Panthera onca)Bharathidhasan, M.; Thirumurugan, R.; George, Ravi Sundar; TANUVAS
2014-07Surgical Management Of Evisceraion Of Intestine In Monkey (Bonnet macaque)Arul, V.; Rajathi, S.; Muthukrishnan, S.; TANUVAS
2014-07Successful Therapeutic Management Of Helminthiasis in Captive Reticulated Python at CSPT GuindyIngole, D.K.; Senthilkumar, K.; Palanivelrajan, M.; TANUVAS
2014-07Prevalence and Chemotherapy Of Lice Infestation In Small Indian Kite (Milvus migrans)Chandramohan, C.; Palanivelrajan, M.; Prathipa, A.; TANUVAS
2014-07Helminthiasis In Peafowl (Pavo cristatus)Ramji, A.N.; Prathipa, A.; Palanivelrajan, M.; TANUVAS
2014-07Pneumonia in a Red Eared Slider Turtle (Trachemys scripta elegans)Sivabalan, K.; Prathipa, A.; Palanivelrajan, M.; TANUVAS
2014-07Central Vestibular Disease in Bonnet Macaque (Macaca radiata)Uniyal, Ayush; Palanivelrajan, M.; Sumathi, D.; TANUVAS
2014-07A Case Report On Trypanosomiosis in a Thoroughbred HorseNavaneethan, R.; Pothiappan, P.; Thangapandian, M.; TANUVAS
2014-07Endoscopic Diagnosis Of Exercise Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage in Thoroughbred HorseVenkatesan, M.; Pothiappan, P.; Kavitha, S.; TANUVAS
2014-07Multiple Small Intestinal Volvulus in a HorseSabidha, S.; Thangapancliyan, M.; Sridhar, R.; TANUVAS
2014-07Equine Colic Due to Volvulus Of Ileum in a MareArun, B.; Gowri, B.; Chandrasekaran, D.; TANUVAS
2014-07Successful Medical Management of Recurrent Colic In HorseEnbavelan, P.A.; Chandrasekaran, D.; Maheshkrishna, M.; TANUVAS
2014-07Successful Management of Equine LeptospirosisNaveenkumar, V.; Gowri, B.; Chandrasekaran, D.; TANUVAS
2014-07Miller's Disease in a StallionEazhisai, R.; Gowri, B.; Enbavelan, P.A.; TANUVAS
2014-07Management Of Microfilariasis in a HorseBalamurugan, K.; Gowri, B.; Chandrasekaran, D.; TANUVAS
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2130