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Authors: Anandkumar, C.T.
Rao, G.V. Sudhakar
George, V.T.
Balachandran, C.
Title: Co-Occurrence of Aflatoxicosis and Infectious Bursal Disease in Chicken
Publisher: Indian Veterinary Journal
Language: en
Type: Article
Abstract: Spontaneous occurrence of IBD in eight layer farms, AF in two layer farms and IBD-AF in one broiler farm of Namakkal, Tamil Nadu was recorded. The IBD and IBD-AF cases showed bursitis, splenomegaly and hepatomegaly. Liver and kidney from IBD-AF and AF cases showed enlargement. Bursa of Fabricius, thymus, spleen and caecal tonsils showed lymphoid depletion. Liver showed fatty change, congestion, acinar arrangement and perivenous fibrosis. Kidneys revealed tubular degeneration and glomerular atrophy. The histopathological lesions in the IBD-AF cases were more pronounced than AF and IBD cases. The interaction of IBD and AF lead to increased mortality of 35.6 per cent when compared to the 3-21 per cent in IBD and 0.03 per cent in AF, respectively.
Issue Date: 2005
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