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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Development of synthetic seed in mulberry (morus indica L.) cv. m-5 and evaluation under controlled conditionsV.C.Patil; Santoshkumar.Kamareddi
2008Evaluation of different herbicides and method of application on maize (Zea mays L.)under northern transition zone of KarnatakaS.C.Alagundagi; Tamadaddi.R.Kumar
2008Studies on nutrient management practices through organics in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)H.B.Babalad; Ravusaheb.Munji
2008Feasibility of using Salvinia molesta (D.S.Mitchell) for compositing, vermicomposting and biogas generationC.A.Agasimani; K.Nataraja
2008Effect of seed priming on field performance of maize based cropping systems under rainfed conditionV.C.Patil; P.Priyanka
2008Response of Jatropha curcas to nitrogen, Phosphorus and potassium levels in northern transition zone of KarnatakaS.S.Angadi; Veena.N.Kalannavar
2008Response of mustard [brassica juncea (l.) czernj and cosson] varieties to date of sowing and row spacing in northern transition zone of KarnatakaC.P.Mansur; Venkareddi.S.
2008Mulbery based vegetable intercropping systems under northern transition zone of KarnatakaS.C.Alagundagi; Lingaraj
2008Response of chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) to site specific nutrient management through targeted yield approach in northern transition zone of KarnatakaG.B.Shashidhara; Abhilash.K.Deshmukh
2008Intercropping of pigeonpea with sesame cultivars under different planting geometry and row proportions in northern transition zone of KarnatakaS.M.Hiremath; R.Darshan