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Authors: Ahamad, D. Basheer
Vairamuthu, S.
George, V. Titus
Balachandran, C.
Manohar, B. Murali
Balasubramaniam, G.A.
Title: Pathological Features of Citrinin Toxicosis in Broiler Chicks
Other Titles: IVJ_V86_I10_Pg1014-1016
Publisher: Indian Veterinary Journal
Language: en
Type: Article
Abstract: Pathomorphological effects of citrinin (CTN) a nephrotoxic mycotoxin were studied in broiler chicks by feeding mycotoxin free feed to control (group A) and 300.0 ppm of CTN to group B. Grossly, severe enlargement of kidneys, atrophy of the bursa of Fabricius, pale and yellowish discolouration of the liver, pin point haemorrhages in heart were recorded. Histopathologically, severe toxic tubular nephrosis, vacuolar degeneration of hepatocytes, severe diffuse lymphoid depletion in follicles and interfollicular fibrosis in the bursa of Fabricus, sub acute pancreatitis, degeneration and MNC infiltration in the myocardium, catarrhal enteritis, were observed.
Issue Date: 2009-10
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