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Authors: Anandachitra
Ravikumar, G.
Chandran, N. Daniel Joy
Brindha, K.
Anandkumar, C. Theophilus
Vairamuthu, S.
Manohar, B. Murali
Title: Use of Multiplex PCR for Identification of Brucella Melitensis in Goats
Other Titles: IVJ_V86_I06_Pg547-549
Publisher: Indian Veterinary Journal
Language: en
Type: Article
Abstract: In this study, the use of multiplex PCR to detect B. melitensis directly in vaginal discharge and fetal stomach content using crude DNA preparation which did not require extensive sample preparation is reported. This assay has the advantage that the results can be determined immediately. This multiplex PCR will reduce the time, reagent cost required to diagnose brucellosis. However, more research is needed in direct analysis of clinical samples. Additional data are needed about the best choice of specimens and how long there is detectable DNA in those specimens over the course of infection.
Issue Date: 2009-06
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