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Authors: P, Balakrishna
Advisor: K. P, Rama Prasanna
Title: Effect of provenance dates of sowing seed treatment chemical sprays on seed yield quality and storability of sunflower (helianthus annuus L)
Publisher: University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru
Language: en
Type: Thesis
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Abstract: In the present study experiments on the effect of provenances, seed treatments and foliar sprays, dates of sowing on crop growth, seed yield and quality and seed treatment and packaging materials on storability of sunflower were carried out at University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bangalore. The results revealed that, higher germination and field emergence (88.07 and 79.94 %) was recorded in C4 (KBSH-44) and Z1 (Bangalore and Kolar) (93.07 and 84.80 %). Highest (96.45%) physical purity was found in Morden (C1) and Z1 (97.80 %). Highest (96.50%) genetic purity was recorded in C5 and Z1 (97.33%). Highest (41.33%) oil content was recorded in KBSH-1 (C2) and Z1 (37.48 %). In Morden and KBSH-1, T6 (Thiram @ 3g per kg + Metalaxyl 35 SD @ 2.5g per kg + Imidocloprid 70 WS @ 4g per kg seed treatment (Dry dressing) + Confidar 200 SL (0.1%) foliar spray at 30 DAS and Triazophos 40EC (Hostothion) @ 0.2% foliar spray at 45 DAS) recorded largest head diameter (15.00cm and 18.00cm), 100 seed weight 5.820 and 6.553g), more seed filling (88.86% and 90.00%), higher bulk seed yield per plant (37.93kg and 40.33kg), graded seed yield per plant (35.67 and 37.33 kg) and seed yield (1681.7 and 1773.3 kg/ha, respectively). Same treatment recorded highest germination (96.00 and 95.00%), seedling length (36.11 and 35.44 cm), highest seedling vigour index (3452 and 3366), oil content (34.82and 42.63%) were recorded in both Morden and KBSH-1. Among different sprays, significantly more number of plants per plot (93.92%), higher plant height (174cm), less number of days to 50 per cent flowering (59.33), maximum head diameter (16.17cm), higher seed yield (1359.6g/plot and 1384.1kg/ha) were recorded in S3 (.Thiram + Bavistin @ 3g/l). Among different dates of sowing, higher plant height (178.3cm), less number of days to 50 per cent flowering (58.58), maximum head diameter (16.50cm), higher seed yield (1270.8g/plot and 1411.5kg/ha) were recorded in D1(Sept 20). Better seed quality parameters were recorded in KBSH-41 followed by KBSH-44 at the end of 14 months of storage. Among different seed treatments, seeds treated with Neem seed kernel powder @ 15g/kg of seeds recorded higher seed quality. Among different packaging materials seed stored in polythene bag (700 guage) recorded higher seed quality. Higher germination (80.00%) was recorded in V2C3P3 at 14th months of storage and lower (56.33%) in V8C1P1. Higher oil content (42.74% at 12th month of storage) was recorded in V2C1P3 and lower in V1C1P2 (30.11%).
Issue Date: 11-11-18
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