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2018-08-21A research investigation entitled “Nutritional profiling and quality assessment in carrot (Daucus carota L.) germplasms” was carried out in the Department of Post Harvest Technology, Kittur Rani Channamma College of Horticulture, Arabhavi (UHS, Bagalkot) Karnataka, during the academic year 2017-18. An investigation was carried out to know the better storage condition for different carrot germplasms. A wide range of variations was observed among the germplasms with respect to all physico-chemical parameters. During the investigation period, carrots stored under ZECC recorded significantly lower PLW, per cent rotting, firmness, higher moisture content, maximum marketable roots, more days of effective shelf life, dry matter content, higher TSS, ascorbic acid, reducing sugars, total sugars, β- carotene and total minerals. The germplasms also exhibited wide range of variations in all the parameters during the storage. However among the ten germplasms studied, UHSBC 32-2 recorded minimum PLW, per cent rotting, maximum moisture content, dry matter per cent, TSS, ascorbic acid, reducing sugars, total sugars, total minerals and minimum non- reducing sugar contents throughout the storage period. UHSBC 32-2 maintained highest shelf-life of 9.40 days, which was followed by UHSBC-17 (8.30) under ZECC storage condition. Second experiment was carried out to select best germplasm suited for dehydration. All carrot germplasms were subjected to 2 min blanching and dehydrated at 60°c under electric tray drier. Among the germplasms¸ UHSBC-63 showed highest recovery, reconstitution ratio, maximum dry matter, β-carotene, ash contents and lowest dehydration ratio, minimum rehydration ratio, non-enzymatic browning, moisture retention, water activity and higher scores for organoleptic evaluation of dehydrated slices compared to other germplasms.KATTIMANI, K. N.; KULKARNI, M. S.; KOTIKAL, Y. K.; MASTIHOLI, A. B.; JHALEGAR, MD. JAMEEL; R., SIDDAPPA; M., RAMAKRISHNA; ASANGI, HONNAPPA


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