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Authors: Padmanabhan Nair, S
Advisor: Subramonia Aiyer, R
Title: Phosphorus uptake by plants and readily extractable phosphorus in some rice soils of Kerala in relation to their important chemical characteristics
Publisher: Division of Agricultural Chemistry, Agricultural College and Research Institute, Vellayani
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Pages: 59p.
Keywords: Agricultural Chemistry, Dilute acids as extractants, Alkalies as extractants, Amonium fluoride as extractants
Abstract: The phosphorus extracted by four different chemical extractants from 34 samples of paddy soils was studied in relation to the phosphorus uptake by plants as well as eight of the important chemical characteristics of the soils that subtly control the fixation and availability of phosphorus in them. The soil chemical characteristics were also studied in relation to the uptake of phosphorus by plants . Since rice soils are generally waterlogged during the cropping period, its effect on readily extractable phosphorus was also studied in experiments under simulated conditions in the laboratory. Besides, on four typical soils graded doses of phosphorus was applied, rice plants grown and the yield response studied.
Description: PG
Subject: Agricultural Chemicals
Theme: Readily extractable phosphorus in some rice soils
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 1965
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