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Authors: Subapriya, S
Vairamuthu, S
Pazhanivel, N
Sundar George, Ravi
Gokulakrishnan, M
Title: Cutaneous lipoma in dogs
Other Titles: Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies
Language: en
Type: Article
Pages: 17-19
Volume: 8
Series/Report no.: ;3
Keywords: Dog, FNAC, cytology, histopathology, lipoma
Abstract: In a study on identification of canine cutaneous tumours over a period of three years lipoma was diagnosed in eighteen dogs. Cytologic smears of the cases revealed clusters of polyhedral to round cells with irregular borders and vacuolated cytoplasm with eccentrically placed flattened nuclei. Histopathological examination of the excised masses revealed neoplastic cells with vacuolated cytoplasm and flattened peripherally placed nuclei. Based on the above findings, the tumours were diagnosed as lipomas.
Description: TNV_JEZS_2020_8(3)17-19
Issue Date: 2020-05
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