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Authors: Puri, Aashish
Advisor: S. S., Kocher
Title: Effect of ultrasound assisted technique on Microbial load in Kinnow juice
Publisher: Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Pages: 77
Keywords: Kinnow Juice, Manothermosonicator, Microbial load, Physicochemical parameters Sensory Analysis, Shelf life, Titrable acidity, Total Sugars,Vitamin-C
Abstract: Ultrasound is an emerging and the most promising technique that is used for industrial food processing. In this research raw Kinnow juice was treated in a manothermosonic equipment at a frequency of 40 kHz (200 W) on different temperature ranges of 40-80°C and pressure ranges of 100-400 kpa for a time period of 5 – 20 mins. In the experiment, it was observed that a significant (<0.05) decrease in microbial load, with the increase in time, temperature and pressure. Maximum decrease in microbial load was observed when juice was treated at optimised conditions i.e. 60.40°C, 400 kpa pressure for 5 min. This optimisation had been done with the help of Response Surface Methodology software. Quality attributes of optimised Kinnow juice were analyzed after every week of storage (4ºC) till five weeks. There was a high significant change in Vitamin-C content was observed i.e. it’s value decreased significantly but no change had been observed in TSS(⁰Brix), pH and titrable acidity while value of total sugars increased throughout the storage. MTS done at 40 kHz, 60.40ºC for 5 minutes at 400 kpa led to maximum elimination of microorganisms in the first week of storage and the treated juice can be stored at 4ºC upto 23 days. Manothermosonication treated raw Kinnow juice at optimised conditions (60.40ºC for 5 min at 400 kpa), gave a better microbiological quality, as compared to control. Similarly, manothermosonicated juice in comparison to control had lesser changes in pH, titrable acidity and TSS (⁰Brix).
Subject: Microbiology
Theme: Effect of ultrasound assisted technique on Microbial load in Kinnow juice
Research Problem: Effect of ultrasound assisted technique on Microbial load in Kinnow juice
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 2020
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