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Authors: Lalrinkima
Hemalatha, S
Title: A pathological study on brain of dogs at necropsy
Other Titles: National Symposium on Veterinary Research Priorities in Translational Animal Health, Production and Food Safety
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Type: Presentation
Pages: 1
Agrotags: Veterinary Science
Keywords: 20th Indian Veterinary Congress, Annual Conference of IAAVR, TANUVAS
Abstract: A pathological study on canine brain tissue was carried out on necropsy cases received at the Department of Veterinary Pathology Madras Veterinary College, Chennai –600 007 during March to July 2019. Twenty seven dogs presented for necropsy were considered for the study. The clinical history, age, breed and sex wise distribution were recorded. Gross changesif any was observed and samples of brain tissues were collected for histopathological studies. Brain impression smears were stained with William’s modification of van Gieson’s stain and observed for presence of negri bodies. Out of 27 dogs examined eight cases showed presence of negri bodies No significant gross changes were observable except for congestion, oedema and haemorrhages. Histopathological studies revealed non suppurative meningoencephalitis and presence of stray intranuclear inclusions in glial cells of cerebellum with demyelination ina dog with clinical history of canine distemper. Brain tissuesof dogs with clinical diagnosis of rabies showed subdural haemorrhages, marked gliosis, perivascular lymphocytic cuffing, neurophilic vacuolation and presence of intracytoplasmic eosinophilic inclusions in neurons of cerebral grey matter. Based on our study we report that lesions in brain of canine are uncommon and was often recorded in viral infections of canine.
Description: TNV_20thMVC_PP_Feb-2020_PA44
Issue Date: 2020-02
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