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Authors: Shafiuzama, M
Sabarish Babu, MS
Krishnaveni, N, et al.
Title: Surgical management of extensive oral tumors by bilateral rostral mandibulectomy in two dogs
Other Titles: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
Language: en
Type: Article
Pages: 137-140
Volume: 17
Series/Report no.: ;2
Agrotags: Veterinary Science
Keywords: Dog, Extensive oral tumors, Rostral mandibulectomy
Abstract: Two dogs of different age groups were presented with the history of oral growth, bleeding, excessive salivation, bad breath, inappetance and dysphagia. Physical examination revealed cauliflower like reddish growth in the gingiva enclosing the mandibular incisiors and canine tooth. Haematology and serum biochemical profiles were within the normal range. Plain radiography revealed extensive growth involving the lower mandible and gingiva. Hence rostral mandibulectomy was performed to excise the tumor mass. The dogs recovered uneventfully after surgery with no difficulty in feeding liquid and semisolid diet. The post operative prognosis for dogs with oral neoplasia depends on type of tumor and extent of disease at the time of surgery. In the above two cases the tumors were benign and rostral mandibulectomy provided excellent prognosis and recovery with no recurrence of tumor.
Description: TNV_IJVR_2016_17(2)137-140
Issue Date: 2016
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