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Authors: Shafiuzama, Mohamed
Sabarish Babu, MS
Krishnaveni, N
Ganesh, TN
Hemalatha, S
Title: A Report of Gastric Adenocarcinoma in a Dog Mohamed
Other Titles: International Journal of Advanced Veterinary Science and Technology
Publisher: Cloud Publications
Language: en
Type: Article
Pages: 191-194
Volume: 4
Series/Report no.: ;1
Agrotags: Veterinary Science
Keywords: Case Report; Canine; Gastric Adenocarcinoma; Histopathology
Abstract: An 11 year old male non-descript dog was presented with the history of frequent vomition and progressive weight loss for the past one month. The dog was dull, dehydrated, anaemic and emasciated. Positive contrast survey radiographs, revealed delayed gastrointestinal transit time and absence of foreign body. Exploratory laparatomy was done which revealed thickening of entire layer of the gastric wall with pylorus and the histopathology revealed gastric adenocarcinoma. Since the tumor was spread to the full thickness of the stomach wall including pylorus, the prognosis was informed to the owner and euthanasia was advised.
Description: TNV_AVST_2015_4(1)191-194
Issue Date: 2015-10
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