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Authors: Venkataramanan, R
Srinivasan, P
Murali, N
Balakrishnan, S
Title: EpithEliogEnEsis impErfEcta in a Graded Friesian Calf
Other Titles: Tamilnadu Journal of Veterinary and Animals Sciences
Publisher: TANUVAS
Language: en
Type: Article
Pages: 60-64
Volume: 6
Series/Report no.: ;2
Agrotags: Veterinary Science
Keywords: Epitheliogenesis imperfecta, skin, congenital, Friesian calf, Karyotype.
Abstract: Epitheliogenesis imperfecta, a congenital abnormality involving the skin has been reported in several domestic and wild animal species. In cattle, affected calves die shortly after birth due to septicaemia. A case of this disease in a graded Friesian calf, in which the animal has survived, is reported. Histopathology and type of lesions confirmed the disease. Karyotype revealed normal diploid chromosome compliment of 60,XX. The development of epidermis was partial and the animal responded well to treatment with antibiotic, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory therapy. Scarring of affected regions commenced and hair started growing gradually. Skin lesions were accompanied by rolling of ears, and surfaces brought in contact grew together. The ear defect was corrected surgically and a pressure bandage similar to the one used in ear hematoma was applied to prevent reunion of adhered surfaces. Almost complete resolution was noticed in 3 months time and the calf survived.
Description: TNV_TJVAS_2010_6(2)60-64
Issue Date: 2010-03
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