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Authors: Senthilkumar, S
Rajendran, N
Dharmaceelan, S
Kathirvel, S
Subramanian, M
Selvaraj, P
Title: Fresh gas flow reduction and isoflurane sparing effect of butorphanol and buprenorphine during low flow isoflurane anaesthesia in cattle
Other Titles: Indian Journal of Veterinary Surgery
Publisher: Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery
Language: en
Type: Article
Pages: 88-90
Volume: 34
Series/Report no.: ;2
Agrotags: Veterinary Science
Keywords: Anaesthesia, Cattle, Butorphanol, Buprenorphine, Isoflurane.
Abstract: The study was conducted in 30 cattle divided into 3 equal groups and subjected to general anaesthesia for various surgical interventions. In all the animals, acepromazine @ 0.04 mg/kg b.wt was administered i.v. and anaesthesia was induced with guaifenesin and ketamine @ 50 mg/kg and 4 mg/kg b.wt, respectively. Butorphanol and buprenorphine @ 0.02 and 0.006 mg/kg b.wt were administered in group II and III animals. Anaesthesia was maintained with isoflurane. The changes made on the fresh gas flow rate and vapourizer setting at various times during maintenance of anaesthesia was recorded. There was 35.06 and 12.88% reduction of fresh gas flow rate in groups II and III, respectively compared to group I. The administration of butorphanol and buprenorphine in groups II and III caused 40.70% and 29.16% reduction in the isoflurane requirement, respectively compared to group I.
Description: TNV_IJVS_2013_34(2)88-90
Issue Date: 2013-12
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