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Authors: SHYAM C. S.
Advisor: Sanjay Singh Rathore
Title: Precision nutrient management in maize using decision support tools
Language: en_US
Type: Thesis
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Abstract: A field experiment on ‘Precision nutrient management in maize through nutrient expert and decision support tools’ was conducted at experimental research farm of ICAR–Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi, India during kharif 2018, with the objectives to find out effect of expert systems and decision support tools on growth, yield attributes and yield of maize, to optimize nutrient usage and maximize maize productivity and to compare yield and economics of field specific fertilizer recommendation with the existing blanket recommendation for maize. The experiment laid out in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replications, comprising nine treatments as, state recommendation (150-80-60), Nutrient expert (NE) based application - 6t/ha, NE based application- 7t.ha, NE + Green seeker (GS) at second split-6t/ha, NE + GS at second split -7t/ha, State recommendation+ GS at second split and three N omission treatments. The growth (plant height, dry matter, leaf area, leaf area index), physiological parameters (AGR, RGR,) and yield attributes (Cob length, cob girth, grain rows/ cob, grain/row, cob weight, cobs/plot, cobs/m2 , 1000 seed weight, grains/cob) were recorded higher under precision nutrient management practices of NE+GS7T, NE6T, NE7T, and NE+GS 6T. The maximum AGR was observed with NE+GS7T. The highest CGR was with NE7T (1.37). The maximum RGR was recorded with SR+GS at 30 DAS. The maximum leaf area at 90 DAS was with NE7T (3959 cm2 ). The maximum LAR was observed with NE+GS7T, however at 60 DAS. Maximum cob length was 15.92 cm under NE7T. The LAI ranged between 1.71-3.30 at 90 DAS, the maximum being at NE7T nutrient management practice. Grain yield, total biomass of maize was also the highest under NE7T nutrient management (6.2 t/ha). Maximum net return was in NE7T (INR 75,194) and least were in N omission. The monetary efficiency was maximum under NE7T (INR 683.6/day/ha). The highest amount of NPK uptake was under NE7T nutrient management practice (which was 353 kg/ha (total of NPK). With regard to balance of N, P and K nutrient in the soil under different precision nutrient management options, K was highly imbalanced the removal of K from the soil was much higher than its addition to the soil under different treatment. Maximum partial factor productivity of N was recorded under NE+GS 6T and NE+GS7T (48.6 and 48.1 respectively). Maximum agronomic N use efficiency was recorded with NE+GS7T. The AEN under NE6T and NE7T was also more or less similar. Recovery efficiency was highest under NE+GS6T (59.5%) and almost similar REN was recorded under NE+GS7T (57.9%). NE based field-specific fertilizer recommendations offered higher seed productivity, better nutrient use in maize, higher nutrient use efficiency, better economics, recovery efficiency.
Description: T-10116
Subject: Agronomy
Theme: Precision nutrient management in maize using decision support tools
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 2019
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