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Authors: Abhilaasha, CM
Chandrasekaran, D
Kavitha, S
Sumathi, D
Vaiaramuthu, S
Title: Ultasonographic Findings of Pancreatitis in Dogs
Other Titles: Journal of Animal Research
Language: en
Type: Article
Pages: 1117-1119
Volume: 8
Series/Report no.: ;6
Agrotags: Veterinary Science
Keywords: Pancreatitis, Ultrasound, Dogs
Abstract: The study was conducted to document and assessment of ultrasound as a diagnostic modality in pancreatitis in dogs. 34 out of 1440 cases presented over a period of one year for ultrasonographic examination having pancreatic changes. Abdominal ultrasonography revealed hypoechoic pancreas, hyperechoic surrounding fat saponification, enlarged or irregular pancreas and dilatation of biliary or pancreatic duct as the major changes in pancreatitis dogs with primary pancreatic disorder. Ultrasound proved to be a good diagnostic modality for diagnosing subclinical form of pancreatitis but may be a poor indictor of prognosis of the disease.
Description: TNV_JAR_2018-8(6)1117-1119
Issue Date: 2018
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