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Authors: Varun, A
Yogesh, C
Sangeetha, PV
Ezhilvalavan, S
Thangapandiyan, M
Pandian, C
Omprakash, AV
Title: Diagnosis of Lymphoid Leucosis in an Organised Aseel Farm
Other Titles: Indian Veterinary Journal
Publisher: TANUVAS
Language: en
Type: Article
Pages: 78-79
Volume: 96
Series/Report no.: ;9
Agrotags: Veterinary Science
Keywords: Lymphoid leucosis, Native chicken, Histopathology
Abstract: In a Aseel  ock, a weekly mortality of 3 to 5 birds, total of 16 birds was recorded from the period of 34 to 38 weeks of age in an organised poultry farm near Chennai. The birds were vaccinated against Raniket Disease (RD) and Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD). Grossly, diffuse enlarged liver and spleen, with multiple irregular coalescing grey white areas were observed. Proventriculus was thickened heavily with mucosal erosions. Histopathology of liver revealed either multifocal or diffused in ltration of monomorphic neoplastic lymphoblast cells. Spleen and proventriculus revealed nodule formation by neoplastic lymphoblast cells. Based on gross lesions and histopathology the outbreak was diagnosed as lymphoid leucosis.
Description: TNV_IVJ_2019_96(9)78-79
Issue Date: 2019-09
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