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Authors: Shiyamala, S
Ramesh, S
Hemalatha, S
Ramani, C
Ranganathan, V
Vijayarani, K
Ramesh, S
Sudhakar Rao, Ganne Venkata
Title: Pathology of Selenite Induced Cataract in Rats
Other Titles: Indian Veterinary Journal
Publisher: TANUVAS
Language: en
Type: Article
Pages: 56-57
Volume: 96
Series/Report no.: ;9
Agrotags: Veterinary Science
Keywords: Cataract, Pathology, Selenite, Wistar-albino rat
Abstract: Sodium selenite administered @ 3mg/kg to eleven day old rat pups resulted in nuclear cataract at fourteenth day, which on histological examination revealed disorganization of lens fibers and vacuolar degeneration around the nucleus.In contrast non selenite group revealed clear transparent lens, which histologically showed normal homogeneous appearance.
Description: TNV_IVJ_2019_96(9)56-57
Issue Date: 2019-09
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