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Authors: Kirandeep Kaur
Advisor: Parveen Bala
Title: Electron-acoustic solitary waves featuring nonthermal-nonextensive velocity distribution of electrons
Publisher: Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Pages: 59
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Abstract: In this thesis, the problem of electron acoustic solitary waves in multicomponent plasma consisting of cold and hot electron species and stationary ions is addressed. The hot electrons are assumed to follow nonthermal-nonextensive distribution. The Sagdeev pseudopotential technique is employed to investigate the occurrence of solitary structures. The Sagdeev potential is obtained by solving a basic set of equations. The Sagdeev potential depends upon parameters  and q, where parameter  defines nonthermality and q defines the strength of nonextensivity. The given distribution is applicable to this study to a limited range of values of q and  , 0.6  q 1and 0    0.25. The various numerical results are plotted graphically. For a selected range of parameters, it is found that only negative solitary waves can exist. In other words, the present plasma model supports rarefactive solitary structures. The existence of solitary wave comes within the range of allowable Mach number. It is reported that the behavior of Mach number is significantly modified by nonextensivity q and nonthermality  . An increase of q makes rarefactive solitary structure more spiky. The investigation shows that the amplitude of potential pulse decreases with the increase of number of nonthermal electrons. The present plasma model may be helpful in understanding the nonlinear phenomena in astrophysical plasmas.
Subject: Mathematics
Theme: Electron-acoustic solitary waves featuring nonthermal-nonextensive velocity distribution of electrons
Research Problem: Electron-acoustic solitary waves featuring nonthermal-nonextensive velocity distribution of electrons
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 2019
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