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Authors: Raturi, Mayank
Advisor: Shiva Prasad, H.J.
Title: Studies of Roychoudhury method in unequal probability sampling
Publisher: G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar - 263145 (Uttarakhand)
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Pages: 124
Agrotags: null
Keywords: probability, sampling, statistical analysis, simulation
Abstract: Simulation of vegetation filter system has two main tasks: to obtain the better understanding of the processes in vegetation filter systems, and to check and optimize design criteria. Numerical models are a mean to increase the understanding of the processes involved in it. This study shows simulation results for vegetation filter system at Pantnagar where greywater is being used as irrigation water. For simulation of vegetation filter system HYDRUS-1D software package is used. The results presented and discussed are focussed on the transport of different solutes in the soil. This study focussed on three nutrients present in the greywater used for irrigation which are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N, P and K). The aim of the work is to determine the surface and bottom flux into the soil, evapotranspiration, changes in water content of soil and concentration on three nutrients at different depths in the soil due to use of greywater for irrigation. The simulation is done for a period of 600 days and the depth of soil column has been taken as 60cm. The results of the simulation show that the concentration of these nutrients is increased in the soil. The average estimated concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium after 600 days was 0.022, 0.003 and 0.001 mg / cm3 respectively. The concentration at different depth and different time interval is presented. Also the comparison between measured value and simulated value of concentration is presented and good match between measured value of concentration and simulated value of concentration is obtained.
Subject: Civil Engineering
Theme: Statistical Analysis
Research Problem: Simulation
These Type: M.Tech.
Issue Date: 2019-08
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