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Authors: Parida, Sunil Manohar
Advisor: Mishra, Purna Chandra
Title: Fertility improvement in subfertile cows by different hormonal protocols in special reference to HF crosses
Publisher: Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Pages: 91
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Keywords: Fertility improvement, subfertile cows, hormonal protocols, HF crosses
Abstract: Three different hormonal protocols were tried in HF animals (n=36) in coastal and western districts of Odisha for their response . The group treated with estra double synch protocol yielded highest conception rate of 50% followed by 41.66% in Co-synch +progesterone injection and 33.33% in double synch protocol. The estrus characteristics like duration of estrus (14.16 +1.07, 11.16+1.30 hrs.) and estrus grading (3.5+0.34, 3.0+0.25) were better in farm reared and traditionally reared ones. The figures for double synch and Co-synch +progesterone treated ones were 12.83+1.01, 8.83+0.70 and 10.83+1.30, 11.66+2.39 respectively in different management groups. The levels of progesterone on 23rd day AI and Estrogen and LH on the day of estrus was higher in all the animals irrespective of treatment. There was no significant difference in pre and post treatment values in glucose and total protein. The phosphorous and calcium ratio was low in most of the animals. The incidence of infertility ranged between 50 to 81.00 per cent in different breeds of animal. It was concluded that estra double synch protocol might be advantageous for HF animals in Odisha for fertility improvement.
Description: Th-5617
Subject: Animal Reproduction and Gynecology
Theme: Fertility improvement in subfertile cows
These Type: M.V.Sc.
Issue Date: 2017
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