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Authors: Kanagaraju, P.
Ramesh, S.
Rathnapraba, S.
Swapnil, Survase
Babu, M.
Title: Effect of in ovo Injection of Glucose, Lysine, Threonine and β-hydroxy-β- methylbutarate (HMB) on the Carcass Traits of Commercial Broilers
Other Titles: Indian Veterinary Journal
Publisher: Indian Veterinary Association, Chennai
Language: en_US
Type: Article
Pages: 52-54
Volume: 95
Series/Report no.: ;10
Agrotags: Veterinary Science
Poultry Science
Keywords: Veterinary Science, Poultry Science, In ovo injection, broilers, nutrients, carcass traits
Abstract: On the 18th day of incubation, in each treatment 90 eggs were injected with 0.5 ml of 10 % glucose solution, 0.5 % lysine solution, 0.5 % threonine, 0.5 % β-hydroxy-β-methylbutarate (HMB) along with 90 eggs each were used as injected and non injected controls. On hatch, 288 broiler chicks from different treatments each with three replicates of sixteen chicks each were fed ad libitum with broiler mash as per BIS (2007) specifications. In ovo injection of glucose, lysine, threonine and HMB significantly increased eviscerated weight, ready-to cook yield, and heavier thighs in broilers. It is concluded that in ovo injection of above nutrients had beneficial effects on carcass traits of broilers.
Description: TNV_IVJ_Oct2018_95(10)_52-54
Issue Date: 2018-10
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