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Authors: Alimudeen, S.
Fakhrudeen, S. Bava
Pandian, A. Serma Saravana
Premavalli, K.
Title: Assessing the Backyard Native Chicken Rearing Scenario in Perambalur District of Tamil Nadu, India
Other Titles: National Conference on "Native Chicken Production" - December 2018
Publisher: TANUVAS, Chennai
Language: en_US
Type: Other
Pages: 128
Agrotags: Veterinary Science
Poultry Science
Keywords: Veterinary Science, Poultry Science
Abstract: Poultry sector is a high producing, developed and most demanding sector among the agriculture and animal husbandry practices. This study was conducted to assess the scenario of backyard rearing of native chicken breeds in Perambalur district of Tamil Nadu. A sample of 30 farmers were selected for this study. The sample farmers were chosen by Simple random sampling method, Survey method was adopted in this study to collect the primary data from the sample farmers using a pretested well fabricated interview schedule.
Description: TNV_NCNCP_Dec2018_128
Issue Date: 2018-12
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