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Authors: Kalamkar.R.B.
Advisor: Waman.G.K.
Publisher: Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidaypeeth, Rahuri
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Pages: 111pp
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Keywords: POTATO
Abstract: In the advanced countries of the world industrial revolution accompanied by agriculture revolution banished the food shortage in those countries. However, in developing countries like India, growth rate of agriculture production mainly determines growth rate of whole economy. King of vegetables i.e. Potato is the oldest known vegetable to the mankind. It has emerged in forth most important food crop in India after Rice, Wheat and Maize. It has been observed that during present trends of diversification from cereals to horticulture crops shifting from Wheat to potato cultivation, because dry matter, edible energy and edible protein content, it makes nutritionally superior vegetable. Due to bumper crop and lack of post harvest technology, glut situation arises in the market, for surplus yield every year which ultimately results in decline the prices drastically. To increase the production and efficiency of the potato crop, training programme will be prove useful. So, the present investigation was entitled,Training Needs of potato Growers, was planned. The study was conducted considering the personal and socio economic characteristics like age, education, family size, size of land holding, social participation, experience in potato cultivation etc. It was observed that The 63.34 per cent respondent belonged to the medium category of source of information used. The 69.17 per cent of the respondents were belonged to the medium group of experience in potato cultivation. The 53.33 per cent respondent had medium level of knowledge about potato cultivation. It was observed that a majority of the respondents i.e. 52.50 per cent of the respondent potato growers came under medium need of training need category. From above crucial findings, it was observed that potato growers needs training in area like seed treatment, processing, improved varieties, grading, irrigation management followed by plant protection measures, marketing and fertilizer management. Therefore, organizing and conducting training programmes based on felt need of potato growers would definitely influence and change the behaviour in desire manner. Therefore, extension agencies need to orient their training programmes towards the areas as identified in the present study. These potato growers need to train by organizing one or two days training programmes at their own village by KVK before the commencement of every season. There is a need to study the potato growers in respect of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in potato crop However this study will be useful as a benchmark for further probe in to the studies of similar types.
Subject: Agricultural Extension
Theme: Agricultural Extension
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 2013
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