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dc.contributor.authorRajakumar, KH Steffi-
dc.contributor.authorRamesh, A-
dc.contributor.authorTirumurugaan, KG-
dc.contributor.authorKumanan, K-
dc.description.abstractA study was conducted for assessing the immunogenicity of the inactivated PK-15 cell adapted classical swine fever virus (CSFV) vaccine in pigs under farm conditions. Thirty numbers of pigs of 10 -12 weeks of age maintained at two farms each were vaccinated. The 30 number of pigs from each farms were divided into three groups comprising of 10 animals each. Group I was vaccinated with the inactivated PK-15 cell adapted CSF virus vaccine adjuvanated with single (Oil-in-water O/W) emulsion. Group II was vaccinated with the inactivated PK-15 cell adapted CSF virus vaccine adjuvanated with double (water-in-oil-in-water W/O/W) emulsion. Group III was vaccinated with the lapinized live CSFV vaccine. In addition, Group IV and V comprising 6 pigs each in farm located at Madhavaram milk colony, Chennai 51 were vaccinated with a booster dose with two types of inactivated PK-15 cell adapted CSFV vaccine with single and double emulsion adjuvant respectively on 28th day after primary vaccination. With regard to humoral immune responses, the inactivated CSFV vaccine emulsified with single emulsion adjuvant generated mean humoral immune response lower than the threshold serum antibody levels (PI of 50%) in the ELISA assay at 28 dpv and comparable immune responses on 90 and 180 dpvwere observed in comparison with the lapinized live CSFV vaccine. However, the single emulsion vaccine was found effective in inducing humoral immune response in the absence of maternal antibodies. Farm trials of the inactivated CSFV vaccine with single emulsion adjuvant could generate and sustain the serum CSFV antibody levels until 180 dpv which is a major requirement under field conditions since the pigs are marketed at 8-9 months of age.en_US
dc.publisherExcellent Publishersen_US
dc.subjectVeterinary Scienceen_US
dc.titleComparison of the Immunogenicity of an Inactivated Classical Swine Fever Virus Vaccine Employing a Local Isolate With the Live Lapinized Classical Swine Fever Virus Vaccineen_US
dc.title.alternativeInternational Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciencesen_US
dc.keywordsInactivated adjuvanted CSF vaccine, ELISA, Immunogenicityen_US
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