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Authors: Reena Susan Chacko
Suresh Babu, K V
Rajan, S
Krishnan, S
Title: Genetic variability in Abelmoschus Caillei L.
Publisher: Kerala Agricultural University
Citation: Journal of Tropical Agriculture, 37(1), 1-4.
Language: en
Type: Article
Pages: 4
Volume: 37(1)
Agrotags: null
Keywords: Abelmoschus caillei L, correlation, genetic advance, heritability and path coefficient.
Abstract: Studios on parameters of variability . correlation and path coefficient analysis of fruit yield in Abttmoschus caillei L- revealed that characters such as number of branches per plant, number of nodes per plant, plant height and fnlit length had maximum coefficient of variation. Higher values of heritahility anil genetic advance were simultaneously estimated for fruit yield per plant and fruits per plant. Yield per plant had hiph positive significant correlation with fruits per plant, fruit length, fruit weight, plant height and number of intemodes on main stem. Path analysis revealed positive direct effect on fruit yield per plant through fruits per plant followed by plant height.
Issue Date: 1999
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