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Authors: Lawange, S. R.
Advisor: Markandeya, N. M.
Title: Efficacy of Garlic Extract, Lugol's Iodine and E.coli LPS Therapies in Cases of Infectious Repeat Breeder Cows
Publisher: MAFSU, Nagpur
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Pages: 135
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Keywords: Animal Reproduction, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Garlic Extract, Lugol's Iodine, E.coli LPS ,Therapies,f Infectious, Repeat Breeder, Cows
Abstract: The present research was undertaken in 84 infectious repeat breeder cows suffering from fresh (repeated ≤ 7 time) and chronic (repeated ≥7 time) endometritis. The diagnosis was confirmed by pH estimation, PMN cell count and White Side Test, which indicated 92.85 per cent cows having alkaline pH, PMN cell count>7 per centand all cases positive for White Side Test. The cases were categorised in sevendifferent groups to undertake treatment on the day of oestrus viz. Group-I treated with Garlic extract @10μg in 30 ml distilled water by intrauterine route in 12 fresh cases; Group-II treated with Garlic extract as per Group-I and Ashwagandha @ 15 gm with concentrates orally for 5 days in 12 chronic cases; In Group-III consisting of 12 fresh cases 4 per cent Lugol’s iodine in 30 ml distilled water by intrauterine route; Group-IV was treated with Lugol’s iodine as per Group-III and Ashwagandha @15 gm with concentrate orally for 5 days in 12 chronic cases; Group-V was treated with E.coli LPS @ 100μg in 30 ml PBS intrauterine route in 12 fresh cases; Group-VI was treated with E.coli LPS @ 100μg in 30 ml PBS intrauterine route in 12 chronic cases and Group-VII was kept as control, where 30 ml PBS was administered intrauterine in 12 endometritis cows. No animal was inseminated during treatment oestrus.It was observed that pH of CVM in infectious repeat breeder cows before treatment was 8.33±0.04, 8.48±0.07, 8.25±0.12, 8.26±0.05, 8.50±0.07 and 8.24±0.09, which was reduced after treatment to 7.29±0.03, 7.33±0.03, 7.21±0.03, 7.27±0.04, 7.22±0.04 and 7.27±0.03 in recovered cases under group- I to VI, respectively. Uterine cytology of endometritic cows revealed average PMN cell count as 9.41±0.53, 10.0±0.35, 10.4±0.47, 9.33±0.37, 9.66±0.46 and 9.25±0.36 before treatment and changed to 2.90±0.26, 4.66±0.31, 3.33±0.49, 3.10±0.35, 4.25±0.31 and 4.30±0.44 in recovered cases under groups-I to VI, respectively. White side test was found to be positive in cows before treatment; however, the same showed negative results indicative of recovery in all responded cases. The recovered cases were inseminated at appropriate timeand follow up was undertaken subsequent to record clinical observations. On follow up, recovery rate in treatment group of Garlic extract, Garlic extract with Ashwagandha, Lugol’s iodine, Lugol’s iodine with Ashwagandha, E.coli LPS in fresh cases and E.coli LPS in Chronic cases was found as 83.33, 75.00, 75.00, 83.33, 100.00 and 83.33 per cent, respectively. Once retreatment of same therapy revealed 50.00, 00.00, 00.00, 00.00, 00.00 and 33.33 per cent in term of recovery groupsI to VI, respectively. The animals were followed to record conception rate and the same was found to be 60.00, 66.66, 55.56, 80.00, 66.66 and 70.00 per cent in cows in group-I to VI, respectively.Total 22 cows from different groups failed to conceive even after the recovery from endometritis. Pregnancy diagnosis was attempted 60 days after insemination by per rectal palpation and it was confirmed that 50.00, 55.56, 55.56, 80.00, 66.66 and 70.00 per cent cows from groups-I to VI were pregnant, respectively. Upon statistical analysis, no significant difference was recorded for efficacy of therapies within the treatment groups. Similarly, there was no significant difference among all type of therapies for recovery, conception and pregnancy rate in infectious repeat breeder cows. In conclusion, immunomodulators E.coli LPS therapy in fresh uterine infectious cows showed highest recovery rate, whereas the highest pregnancy rate was observed for Lugol’s iodine and Ashwagandha combination therapy in chronic infectious repeat breeder cows.
Subject: Animal Reproduction and Gynecology
Theme: Efficacy of Garlic Extract, Lugol's Iodine and E.coli LPS Therapies in Cases of Infectious Repeat Breeder Cows
These Type: M.V.Sc.
Issue Date: 2018
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