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Authors: Sonawane, A. S.
Advisor: Deshpande, K. Y.
Title: Substitution of Concentrate Mixture by Hedge Lucerne Desmanthus virgatus in Growing Osmanabadi Goats
Publisher: MAFSU, Nagpur
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Pages: 140
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Keywords: Animal Nutrition, Concentrate Mixture, Hedge Lucerne, Desmanthus virgatus) Growin,g Osmanabadi Goats
Abstract: An experiment entitled “Substitution of concentrate mixture by Hedge lucerne (Desmanthus virgatus) in growing Osmanabadi goats” was conducted for a period of 90 days to evaluate the growth performance of goats fed Hedge lucerne incorporated in concentrate mixture. Eighteen Osmanabadi growing goats of either sex with similar age and body weights (12.77±0.53 Kg) were selected and goats were divided into two treatment groups and one control group (T0) with six goats in each group. The parameter studied were fortnightly body weight, body weight gain, dry matter intake, nutrient intake, average daily gain, voluntary feed intake, nutrient digestibility, body condition score, haematobiochemical parameters (Hb, PCV, serum total protein, albumin, globulin, A:G ratio, and BUN), cell mediated immune response, monthly faecal eggs count and cost economics of goat production. The experimental goats were fed as per ICAR (2013) nutrient requirements. Experimental goats were fed with three different dietary treatments as T0 (control), T1 and T2. Goats in the control group were offered a concentrate mixture containing (Maize, Soybean meal, Deoiled rice bran and Cottonseed cake) and for goats in T1 fed concentrate mixture was replaced 50 % by Hedge lucerne while for T2, 100 % of proportion in concentrate mixture was replaced by Hedge lucerne.The intake of Jowar straw expressed as g/d, g/Kg W0.75 and percent of live body weight was significantly higher in T2 as compared to control (T0) and T1. The intake of dry matter as well as organic matter and percent of live weight were comparable (P>0.05) amongst the treatments groups. The mean fortnightly dry matter intake (g/d) was significantly higher in control (T0) and T2 than T1. The intake of dry matter increased significantly in last three fortnights when compared with earlier three fortnights. The intake of DCP (g/d) was significantly higher (P<0.05) in control (T0) and T1 as compared with T2. The percent digestibility of nutrients namely DM, OM, CP, EE, CF and NFE did not differ significantly (P>0.05) amongst the treatment groups. Total gain in body weight (Kg) was significantly higher in T1 (2.71±0.13) as compared with both T0 (2.58±0.50) and T2 (2.25±0.02) respectively. The average daily gain (g/d) followed the similar trend. The haemoglobin (g/dl) and PCV (%) did not differ significantly amongst thetreatment groups. The mean haemoglobin (g/dl) and PCV (%) decreased significantly at 60 and 90 days when compared with 0 day. While the total protein, albumin and globulin (g/dl) was significantly higher in T2 (100 % HL) when compared with T0 and T1. Blood urea nitrogen (mg/dl) decreased significantly (P<0.01) and linearly as the inclusion of Hedge lucerne increased. There was significantly increased (P=0.062) immune response in T2 when compared with control (T0). There was significant reduction (P=0.002) in faecal egg count of Hedge lucerne supplemented groups over the control. The total cost of production was significantly higher in T0 (Rs.1858.86) followed by T1 (Rs.1810.81) and T2 (Rs.1725.85) respectively. While the highest net profit per goat was recorded for T2 (Rs. 2957.15), then T0 (Rs. 2812.14) and T1 (Rs. 2743.15) groups. It is concluded that inclusion of 50 % Hedge lucerne in goat diets to replace concentrate mixture improves growth performance, blood metabolite concentration, immune response, restricts gastro-intestinal worm load and increases net profit of Osmanabadi goat production.
Subject: Animal Nutrition
Theme: Substitution of Concentrate Mixture by Hedge Lucerne Desmanthus virgatus in Growing Osmanabadi Goats
These Type: M.V.Sc.
Issue Date: 2018
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