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Authors: Philip Varghese
Rajan, S
Title: Heterosis of growth characters and earliness in Snakegourd (Trichosanthes anguina L.)
Publisher: Kerala Agricultural University
Citation: Journal of Tropical Agriculture, 31(1), 18-23.
Language: en
Type: Article
Pages: 6
Volume: 31(1)
Agrotags: null
Keywords: Snakegourd
Abstract: Heterosis of growth characters and earliness in snakegourd was worked out in a 13 x 13 analysis. Heterobeltiosis and standard heterosis were found for main vine length, primary branches per plant, days to first male flower anthesis, days to first female flower opening, fruiting nodes on main vine, days to fruit maturity and days to first f r u i t picking maturity. Days to first female flower opening showed high heterobeltiosis in parental combinationsTA 102xTA 41, TA 77xTA 41 and TA87xTA30. The crosses TA 77 xTA 55, TA 89 xTA 19,TA89xTA 102andTA77xTA 99 were highly heterobelliotic for days to first fruit pickig maturity and in crosses TA 100 x TA 82, TA 77 x TA 99, TA 77 x TA 41 and TA 30 x TA 99, standard helerosis was high for this trait.
Issue Date: 1993
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