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Authors: P. RAJESH
Publisher: PVNR TVU
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Pages: 158
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Abstract: A study was conducted to evaluate the effects of dietary inclusion of Moringa oleifera leaf meal (MOLM) as a protein source on productive performance in commercial layers. Two hundred, 34 week old BV 300 layer birds were randomly allotted to 50 replicates with 4 birds in each replicate and these replicates were in turn allotted to 5 dietary groups. The birds were raised in cages under uniform management and fed the respective diets from 34 th to 49 th weeks of age. 5 dietary groups were (i.e., T1 (Control) = Corn-soybean meal Basal diet (BD); T2= 5% Moringa oleifera leaf meal in BD diet without enzyme supplementation; T3= 7.5% Moringa oleifera leaf meal in BD diet without enzyme supplementation; T4= 10% Moringa oleifera leaf meal in BD diet without enzyme supplementation; T5= 10% Moringa oleifera leaf meal in BD diet with enzyme supplementation). In this study, MOLM was used as an alternative protein source. Data on production parameters, immune parameters, antioxidant enzyme response and serum biochemical profile were recorded. Egg quality parameters were determined at an interval of 28 days on 10 eggs per replicate. The proximate composition of Moringa oleifera leaf meal which was used in this experiment contained moisture of 6.2 %, crude protein of 24.2%, crude fiber of 10.4%, ether extract of 2.5%, ash of 9.8 %, calcium of 2.5%, phosphorus of 0.36 % and nitrogen free extract of 53.1 %. Egg production was significantly higher (P<0.01) for birds fed diets containing 10% MOLM with enzyme supplementation. There was no significant difference in feed intake and egg density among the treatments. Inclusion of Moringa leaf meal in the layer diets had shown a significant (P<0.01) effect in Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), on overall, higher (P<0.01) FCR was observed in T4 whereas lower (P<0.01) FCR was observed in T1, T2 and T5. The egg weight was significantly higher (P<0.01) in T5 compared to other treatments. Feed cost per egg was significantly (P<0.01) lower for 10% MOLM fed birds with and without enzyme supplementation. Egg quality parameters were affected positively by the addition of MOLM at different levels in BV300 layer hens. Yolk color, shell strength, Haugh unit, albumen length, shell percentage, shell thickness, shell weight, yolk height, yolk width, albumen height and albumen width were all improved especially in T5. In immune response study, the cell mediated immune response was significantly (P<0.01) higher in T5 when compared to other treatments, whereas no significant difference observed in the Humoral immune response among the birds fed diets with or without inclusion of Moringa leaf meal. There was no significant difference in protein values among T1, T2 and T5, however, lower protein values were observed in T3 and T4 but not significantly differ with T1. There was no significant difference in albumin content among the treatments. Lower (P<0.01) cholesterol level was noticed in T5 and higher (P<0.01) cholesterol level was observed in T1. The calcium and phosphorus levels in serum were higher (P<0.01) in T4 and T5 as compared to other treatments, with the lowest (P<0.01) calcium and phosphorus levels recorded in T1. The glutathione peroxidase activity was significantly higher (P<0.01) in the birds fed Moringa leaf meal included diets as compared to the control. The lipid peroxidation and RBC catalase activity was inversely proportional to the inclusion levels of MOLM in diets under investigation. It can be concluded that the, MOLM could be considered as a cheapest alternative protein source for the commercial layers. It could be included at 5% level without affecting the bird’s performance and could be included at 10% level with enzyme supplementation in the diets of commercial layers for better production performance.
Subject: Animal Nutrition
Theme: ANN
These Type: M.V.Sc.
Issue Date: 2018-12-31
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