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Authors: Kalaivani, SR
Sakthivel, KM
Narmatha, N
Thirunavukkarasu, D
Uma, V
Other Titles: Indian Journal of Animal Health
Publisher: West Bengal Veterinary Association
Language: en
Type: Article
Pages: 203-210
Volume: 56
Series/Report no.: ;2
Agrotags: Veterinary Science
Keywords: Dairy contract farmers and contract dairy farming, Socio-economic and psychological characteristics
Abstract: With the increased participation of private players in milk procurement in the form of contractual arrangement, a study was undertaken to know the socio-economic and psychological characteristics of 120 dairy contract farmers in Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu. The ex-post facto design research design was employed for the study and the data were collected from December 2014 to March 2015. The study revealed that majority of dairy contract farmers were male, marginal farmers, belonged to old age and low income group. Majority of the respondents were from nuclear family and had family size of up to 5 members. More than half of the family members of the respondents belonged to medium education and had crop farming plus dairy farming as their occupation. More than half of the respondents had medium level of dairy farming experience and had upto 3 years of contract farming experience. More than half of the respondents were member in one social organisation and had low level of extension agency contact. More than two-third (69.17 %) of the respondents produced and sold milk up to 20 litres and vast majority (90.83 %) of the respondents family consumed up to 2 litres of milk. More than half of the respondents belonged to high level of cosmopoliteness (52.50 %), risk orientation (60.00 %) and scientific orientation (79.17 %) categories. These characteristics of farmers should be considered while organizing extension programmes for contract dairy farmers.
Description: TNV_IJAH_2017_56(2)203-210
Issue Date: 2017-12
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