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Authors: Abraham Joy, K
Advisor: Prasannakumari Amma, S
Title: Performance of RRII 105 in higher elevations of Thodupuzha taluk in Idukki district
Publisher: Department of Plantation Crops and Spices, College of Horticulture, Vellanikkara
Language: en
Type: Thesis
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Keywords: Plantation Crops and Spices
Abstract: An attempt was made to compare the performance of RRII 105 at high elevations and low elevations in Thodupuzha taluk of Idukki district. Primary data were collected through personal visits and interviews with the help of a pretested interview schedule. Secondary data were gathered from the records available at the Rubber Board Regional Office, Thodupuzha. It is found that the average annual rain fall for three year was 4089.03 mm and the average number of rainy days as 177.99 in higher elevations. In low elevation areas it is 2976.49mm and the average number of rainy days as 149.32. For the study, 15units, each planted with RRII 105 during 1981 for which subsidy permits issued from Rubber Board were selected from low and high elevations ie., up to 450m above MSL and above 450m respectively . Units selected in high elevation area ranged from 525m above MSL to 780m above MSL. All the growers used RRII 105 budded stumps for planting . planting density observed in the unit showed a higher trend . The study also revealed that the growth of plants in high elevation was not satisfactory when compared to the plants in low elevations. From the study it was found that immaturity period in high elevation area was eight to ten years and in low elevations it was seven to nine years. The girth increment was also found to be less in high elevation areas . The average yield obtained was little less when compared to the national average in high elevation areas. The study showed that tapping panel dryness is negligible in high elevation localities when compared to low elevation . Wind damage is also very negligible in both the localities. The study showed that the growers in this area are not strictly adopting the fertilizer recommendation of the Rubber Board in mature area. The study has also revealed that majority of the growers are not adopting spraying since RRII 105 was found tolerant to abnormal leaf fall disease . Eventhough the attack of powdery mildew was severe in high elevation areas, majority of the growers were not adopting dusting. The study thus revealed that growth and yield performance of RRBI 105 is comparatively is poor in high elevation areas.
Subject: Horticulture
Theme: Performance of RRII 105
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 1995
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