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Authors: Bishnoi, Suman
Advisor: Yadav, Sanjay
Title: Development of chicken sausages by incorporating extracts of moringa oleifera leaves and orange peel
Publisher: LUVAS
Language: en
Type: Thesis
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Keywords: Orange peel, Moringa oleifera, Extracts, Antioxidants, Chicken sausages
Abstract: A study was undertaken to develop chicken sausages by incorporating aqueous and ethanolic extracts of orange peel and Moringa oleifera leaves. One product from each type of extract of individual plants and their combination was selected on the basis of sensory evaluation. 3ml of aqueous extract of orange peel powder and M. oleifera leaves separately and in combination (1.5 ml orange peel powder extract +1.5 ml M. oleifera leaves powder extract) were selected for incorporation in chicken meat. Similar levels of ethanolic extracts of individual plants and their combination were selected. Sausages prepared after incorporation of extracts were compared with control and BHT (100 ppm) incorporated sausages. The DPPH radical scavenging activity was significantly higher in orange peel extracts. BHT treated sausage had significantly lower total phenolic content (TPC) than extract treated sausages. Higher TPC in moringa extracts resulted in significantly higher TPC in moringa extract treated sausages in comparison to orange extract treated sausages. Addition of extracts did not cause any deleterious effect on the physico-chemical quality, proximate composition, texture profile, firmness and toughness of the chicken sausages. Lightness, redness and yellowness of fresh, frozen and refrigerated stored chicken sausages remain unaltered due to incorporation of extracts. Treated sausage had better flavour and overall acceptability scores in comparison to control sausage at the end of storage. Moisture content decreased while pH increased significantly in all the treatments during storage. Treated sausages had significantly lower TBA and FFA than control.TBA and FFA of BHT and extract treated products were comparable. Standard plate count (SPC) and psychrophilic counts (PC) of moringa extract treated products were significantly lower while orange peel extract treated products had non significantly lower SPC and PC in comparison to control at the end of storage. All the products were microbiologically safe and organoleptically acceptable up to 100th day and 16th day of frozen and refrigerated storage respectively. It is concluded that incorporation of orange peel and Moringa oleifera leaves aqueous and ethanolic extract to chicken meat resulted in healthier sausages with significantly higher phenolic content. Extracts of both the plants can be used as antioxidant source in place of BHT.
Subject: Livestock Product Technology
Theme: Development of chicken sausages by incorporating extracts of moringa oleifera leaves and orange peel
These Type: Ph.D
Issue Date: 2018
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