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Authors: Sharma, Himani
Advisor: Jadhav), Vijay J.
Title: Studies on occurrence of aflatoxin m1 in milk
Publisher: LUVAS
Language: en
Type: Thesis
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Keywords: Aflatoxin M1, Milk, HPLC, Dietary intake, India
Abstract: The present study was aimed to develop and validate a method to determine the presence of AFM1 in milk and to assess the associated public health risk. High performance liquid chromatography with florescence detector (HPLC-FL) technique for detection and quantification of AFM1 was standardized as per Manual of Methods of Analysis of Foods: Mycotoxins (FSSAI, 2016) with slight modifications. Total 150 milk samples were collected from market of Hisar, which included 50 samples of vendors milk, 50 of local traders and 50 of pasteurized milk samples of different brands. Of these, 64 (42.7%) samples showed AFM1 concentration above LOQ, while 46 (30.7%) samples showed AFM1 concentration in traces. Whereas, AFM1 was found to be below LOQ in 40 out of 150 (26.6%) samples. Average concentration of AFM1 was highest in pasteurized milk (0.39739 μg/kg), followed by milk from local traders (0.21624 μg/kg) and milk from local vendors (0.17288 μg/kg). The viloative concentration of AFM1 as per maximum permissible limit set forth by FSSAI i.e. 0.5 μg/kg was observed in 15 (30%) pasteurized milk samples, 9 (18%) samples from local traders and 7 (14%) from local vendors. The estimated dietary intake of AFM1 for adults in Haryana was found to 0.005, 0.003, 0.002 μg/kg of body weight per day through consumption of pasteurized milk, milk from local traders and milk from local vendors, respectively. Whereas, for Indian population, dietary intake values were recorded as 0.002 μg/kg BW /day for pasteurized milk and 0.001 μg/kg BW /day for both milks from traders and vendors. However, the results of the present study concluded that AFM1 milk can be considered as milk food safety problem in Haryana as well as in India.
Subject: Veterinary Public Health
Theme: Studies on occurrence of aflatoxin m1 in milk
These Type: M.V.Sc.
Issue Date: 2018
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