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Authors: Gagandeep Singh
Advisor: Kharb, Pushpa
Title: Development of transgenic chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) plants with lectin receptor- like kinase (Lec-RLK) gene for improving salt tolerance)
Publisher: CCSHAU
Language: en
Type: Thesis
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Keywords: Lec-rlk, Salinity, Chickpea, Abiotic stress, HC--1, Nacl
Abstract: Abiotic stresses unpropitiously affect growth and productivity and spark off a series of m orphological, physiological, biochemical and molecular changes in plants. Drought, salinity, high &low temperature, are the most common abiotic stresses that plants mostly face. Transgenic chickpea plants expressing Lec-RLK gene have been generated using a novel process of Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation.Multiple evaluation strategies, such as PCR, RT-PCR and Southern blot were employed for characterization of the integration and expression of Lec-RLK gene in chickpea variety HC-1.Tolerance under 100mM salt stress was studied by performing physio-biochemical analysis in T1 generation chickpea plants.The Lec-RLK carrying transgenic chickpea plants showed higher tolerance to salt stress than wild-type plants in T1 generation.Transgenic plants revealed higher levels of proline content,chlorophyll content, MDA content, total soluble sugar and decreased %age of membrane injury than those in wild-type chickpea plants under 100mM NaCl stress in 15 days. Results from the current study suggest that the expression of the Lec-RLK gene in transgenic chickpea plants induces the synthesis of proline & decreased membrane injury improves the tolerance of plants under stress.The study demonstrated potentialities of developing salt tolerant transgenic chickpea and provides an opportunity for further test and advancement to reach the field utility level.
Subject: Biotechnology and molecular Biology
Theme: Development of transgenic chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) plants with lectin receptor- like kinase (Lec-RLK) gene for improving salt tolerance)
These Type: Ph.D
Issue Date: 2018
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